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Chairman’s Message

Mr.Atul Arora
Chairman,New Tech Pharmaceuticals

Welcome to our website, being the Chairman of the company, it is my pleasure to represent the company to my investors, customers and well wishers of the NTPL family. NTPL was my dream which I started in a humble beginning in the year 2013 with just Six products, but with god’s grace and sheer hard work of NTPL family members comprising sales, marketing, technical, and other staff personnel’s that we are now in this growth stage. I always fascinated that Mother Nature gives extraordinary power to plants and herbs to cure ¬†veterinary diseases, and how these plants contained in them the powerhouse of nutrients and vitamins. India is an ancient country and blessed with Ayurveda and it is famous worldwide for this very particular knowledge even now the west has accepted the power and dominance of ayurveda. Sometimes it feels pity that how this earth suffered from issues like global warming, unfertility, overexploitation of their resources. Unrestricted cutting of trees continues which leads to increase in the number of floods, fluctuation in climatic temperature, early monsoon and prevalence of deadly diseases.

Mankind never forget that if this Mother Nature bless them with valuable resources they have to replenish them as well so must have to replant the trees, if everybody replant one tree in their life we can avoid the problems like global warming. NTPL believes in the philosophy that if we have taken something from the society we have to give it back as well.I congratulate you all once again to be a part of NTPL family and hoping forward for our long lasting relationship.

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